Monday, April 24, 2006

Assalamu'alaikum and a very good day to everybody. At last, I managed to get myself my own blog amid piles of workload on my office desk. It's kinda hard nowadays when one got to do so many a thing. Just hafta go on with it. I was actually spurred on by a colleague who said "we may blog to keep on writing". And yeah, it's my call now.

As for now, if you guys click on my blog, I suppose because many would prefer a blog which is light and less serious, I'd kick off my blog aligned with that.

Life's getting very monotonous of late. How can it be? Perhaps I'm spending too much time at work. Or just twiddling my thumbs without really using every second fathoming the legal side of those agreements? Get up in the morning, prepare for work, time passes by, and like in a blink of an eye, the clock is ticking to my final minutes. Everyday is almost the same. Now I know I need some varieties. Even playing soccer no longer brings the best enthusiasm out of me. A new sport? Well, golf is presently not cost-effective, not even next year when the local petrol price will surely go up again.

Wooops!! It's already half past seven. Everyone's gone. Hey, they ain't gonna pay me to guard this building.

Gotta go.

See ya