Thursday, September 24, 2009

work like a robot

I love spending my money for good deeds such as donation, contribution to charities, or even paying for the gas for my car whenever I travel long distance to visit my parents and relatives. But, I detest wasting money for nothing, even if it were to settle summons. Settling penalties for road traffic offences which do not deserve penalties is a sheer waste of money.

My journey back from Pahang today after visiting relatives in my hometown ended in pure frustration. I don't mind departing with my money if I'm guilty of the offence. But, what if it is 50-50? Yes, from the traffic officers' position, they might have seen my car overtaking the bus on the double line. However, the fact that I started overtaking it before my car reached the double line was simply ignored by them. I just couldn't finish overtaking the bus, whose driver seemed unhappy, thus increasing the bus speed, before the double line, nor could I reduce speed to get back to my earlier position as it could endanger other vehicles behind. So, I decided to finish it off for good I believe.

A few minutes later, the traffic officer at the road block pointed to the raodside, indicating I had to stop. Normal procedures followed, and the sad ending to my trip back to my hometown was worth RM300. No tolerance, no compromise. My explanation was quashed aside just like that.

My respect towards the men in blue was receding fast. Some of them, not all, work just like robots. No emotion, no human consideration. Is the same being felt by many Malaysians today?