Saturday, August 23, 2008

like a rock falling on my head..

On 3 August 08, my mom was being prepared for the hemiarthroplasty operation scheduled the following day.

The x-ray taken two days earlier showed the crack detected on Saturday, 19 July 08, had developed into a complete fracture. Such cases of fractured neck of femur are common to women, especially those with ostheoporosis. My mom is 71 yrs old, so chances are very high. The best option for her would be hemiarthroplasty, a kinda hip replacement suitable for old infirm patients with a fractured neck of femoral bone like my mom.

If the ops was not done, mom would be bed-ridden for a minimum of 6 months, and this could only invite more harmful risks like pneumonia, backsore etc. My family had discussed and we agreed to the ops as scheduled by the specialist attending to mom.

Then (at the time of writing), I saw the nurse pushing the ECG device into the room to start assessing mom's condition to ensure she's fit for the ops. Later on, her blood would be checked to ensure there's no infection and it's sufficient for the ops.

I was the first of my family to be briefed by the specialist about the condition of my mom's fractured neck of femur. Then, I returned to the room, looked at my mom, and went to the toilet inside the room. My eyes were shedding tears. I just felt very difficult to accept the news. Tears not voice was pouring out when I was explaining it to my father and family members.