Monday, June 30, 2008

Kriss 1904

Finally, my Kriss is back to life, resuscitated by a few hundred bucks and a bit of patience. It also has a semi-new look, after more than a year of injustice done by its master, myself that is. But more importantly, it can now take me to the nearby surau or shops. There have been requests by orang kampung to buy my Kriss for one k. So, my decision to not accept the offer seems to pay off. Hehe... After the recent fuel price hike at the local pumps, one could anticipate less people driving their gas-guzzling machines especially those of big cc. Alternatively, people may start considering riding motorcycles so as to reduce fuel consumption. A good sign for bike sales. I may be thinking towards riding to my office and class too although my Kriss hardly pretends like a safe ride. Or maybe, just maybe, I trade my bike in for a bigger and safer two-wheeler. Virago? Vulcan? Or Harley-Davidson? Hmm... Anyone wanna joyride with me?

Coming back to the record high fuel price, yesterday saw the highest level yet for the global crude oil price - USD141 pb is triggering more fears into almost all sectors of the economy. If the runaway increase of oil price becomes unstoppable, many economies will be badly hit, with Malaysia not excluded. Such dreadful scenario will spell disaster to Malaysia's economic plans, notably the Ninth Malaysia Plan of which Mid-term Review has been tabled by the Prime Minister at the Parliament. Already beleaguered with pressure after pressure, the last thing he would want is escalating costs of living due to higher price of food and fuel that is certain to hurt the rakyat. The question is, how well the Government is responding to mountains of challenges emanating from risks such as the 3F (finance, food and fuel), global imbalances, geopolitical uncertainties and other risks. Finance risk refers to the the international financial market turmoil which started with the US subprime mortgage crisis and the ensuing credit crunch.

The most immediate measures should also encompass finding an equally reliable alternative to petrol and diesel as the source of energy. It's heart-warming to learn that Proton, as announced by my ex-boss the MD/CEO, will roll out from its production line in Shah Alam its first car factory-fitted with the NGV tank latest by this October. In the other part of the world, Nissan is chasing Toyota and Honda in producing hybrid cars. Toyota will be, or probably has been, celebrating its 1,000,000th car running on a hybrid engine. Now its R&D is working very hard to perfect the lithium-ion battery technology to suit the need for economics of scale. You know that's the battery you see in your handphone or laptop.

Perhaps, as far as the global foreign direct investment is concerned, investors are now more sensitised to our ageing world, and environmental technologies will be the in-thing.

And for my Kriss, selling it off may not be a good idea after all if I still have my sentimental value - my Kriss 1904 is my first vehicle which, bought using my first salary, is a huge contribution to what I am today.

I love you Kriss 1904, muuuaaaarrrggghhh.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

maleh tollll

Hmmm... rasa maleh betol nak blogging lepas Pulau Batu Putih jatuh ke tangan Singapura dan jadi Pedra Branca. Lama gak lepas tarikh memilukan tu. Member2 cam Dr Fariz asyik dok provoke ajer. Aina lak maintain dengan posting nya yang soooo very the panjangggggg... Letih hendak kubaca... Tapi best...

I got soooooo much to write that now I don't know just where to start first. Should I write on my tot about the recent fuel price hike which is driving many crazy? Or about the stinking armpits in KTM commuter yesterday that almost made me puke (are people turning to public transports following the hike)? Or Pedra Branca? Or any other heavy stuff? Wait.. wait waddabout my commendable 1st sem result (hmmm.. A good start to complete my double degree as a friend of mine remarked)? Or should I for now just 'terjah' others' blogs like Dr Fariz said? Can be fun too...

Anyways, I'm sooooo sooooo bored and clueless. Period.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008



Biar berlinangan air mata
Ku takkan hentikannya
Biarkan ia menyembuh luka
Hilanglah rasa duka

Tidak ku termampu merentasi liku-liku
Oh sungguh ku tak mampu menghadapi semua itu
Oh sungguh ku tak upaya

Jangan dibiarkan jerih perih kehidupan
Bisa meleraikan iman...
Kan hancur semuanya
Walaupun menitis air mata darah
Tak bisa merubah segalanya
Melainkan taubat nasuha
Moga kan diterima...

( korus )
Namun ku percaya
Masih ada kesudahannya
Kerana Allah itu
Maha kaya maha mendengar
Rintihan hamba-hambanya
Kerana sesiapa bertaqwa kepadanya
Pasti akan ada
Jalan keluarnya
Rezeki yang tidak disangka-sangka
Cukup Allah baginya berkuasa segala-galanya
Terima seadanya

Sumbangan Putera Izfiq & Maulana Nik