Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dear Allah the Almighty, please heal my mother

Today is the 8th day since my mom has been admitted. What I can say is the Seremban Specialist Hospital (SSH) serves extremely well in terms of services rendered by the specialist and nurses. My outright observation is public hospital service is a far cry from what we expect for medical treatment. Nevertheless, credit should also be given to the government for efforts to improve the medical service deliverables, such as waiting time, ccomfortable wards and nice staff. But still, some areas remain deplorable and need a gentle kick in the you-know-where.

My mom was admitted to the General Hospital in Seremban on Friday, 18 July 2008, the day she complained feeling screechingly painful in her right thigh whenever she wanted to walk. The hospital SOP tells that every patient (really?) will be admitted to the 3rd class ward before he/she goes to a higher class subject to entitlement. At the Seremban GH, patients may have to wait in a long queue to get a 1st or 2nd class room despite their entitlements. Maybe, there's an exception to those with "big cables". This is what had happened to us. Because all the 1st class rooms were occupied (no 2nd class for ortopedic cases at this GH!!), we're told to wait in the long queue, which would take days before my mom's turn. What made me so restless was the 3rd class condition where its toilet was far from my mom's bed. Worsestill, it stinked and almost made me puke. Being a toilet is never a warrant to be smelly, especially if an outside party is paid to clean the toilet. Where did they disappear? It's not an isolated case because another toilet at the same level with the cafetaria at the lower ground was also not properly maintained, as was evident with its bowl clogged with that yellowish you-know-what. Despicable!

So, we all decided that enough was enough and our mom deserved a better place. Not trying to be overly demanding, we just wanted the best for a woman who has sacrificed a lot in our upbringing. That's basically how SSH came into the picture. A few hours ago, I had the chance to discuss my mom's situation with the specialist, an ortopedic surgeon. He showed us the result of CT scan my mom had 2 days ago, and from the film, we could see the crack area looked obvious. Encouraging words from him were that my mom would need a rest for 2 weeks and undergo physioteraphy everyday in order to recover on time. Which means another week to go. Hopefully by then, my mom would get stronger and be able to walk again.

May all our prayers for mom's fast recovery be granted by the Almighty, and may He bestow those praying for my mom with eternal happiness.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My mum is in SSH

Dear all,

For the time being, I won't be able to remain an active blogger since my mother's admission into the Seremban Specialist Hospital last Saturday. Early diagnosis from the specialist attending to her, Dr. Wan Hazmy, the cause that has disabled my mom from walking is lombosacral stenosis, ie something to do with her spine. Everyday, mom undergoes her physiotherapy training, and she's showing some progress.

All I need is your prayers so mom will recover fast and can walk again.

Only Allah SWT will return the favor to ye all.