Monday, May 04, 2009

When the pasture is not so green...

At the 3-day Homedec '09 at KLCC on 1-3 May, I managed to get a few things initially inked on my checklist. Brushing shoulders with other visitors at this fare was not as bad as during any PC Fair, especially those held over there, so I had more breathing space, and maybe O2, then.

Spotlight with infra-red remote sensor, bed lamp, laminated floor for my living room, what else.. err.. a dream to put a spa and sauna at my backyard (just dreaming as the price is not worth spending when there are more urgent needs).. and the Yale brand door latch too.

Owh.. lest I forget, security was the main theme for my trip to Homedec this time round, although I also didn't miss the chance to get a feel on my butt off those heavily discounted yet still expensive bed frames + mattresses, sofas, dining sets etc. Nor for me right now ok.

I was at least satisfied with the improvement of my new house safety level, it being far from perfect notwithstanding. It all began when I was awakened at around 4am one night by the eerie sound of footsteps on the rooftop. Two possibilities evoked in my mind, burglars or metaphysical beings. I'd hate to think it was the second possibility as much as I'd hate the first one. The next best thing that conjured up in my mind on the dot was to call the police hotline.

Kudos to the policemen on duty who reached my housing area pretty fast. According to them, the area I was staying, and its adjacent villages and residences, used to be a black area, with many houses becoming prime targets of burglars and robbers. This adverse reputation faded after the culprit had been shot dead by the police not so long ago. But, crime can be deterred, not busted once and for all. The feeling I have until now is more inclined toward the more mortal form of creature who woke me up that nervous early hours of the day, hence the need for the security system.

So, while my search is still on for the most formidable burglar-unfriendly security system, I need to confide with the effectiveness of the 300W infra-red remote sensor which covers a distance of 12 metres in 240 degrees from left to right, and also the latch for which I just summoned my McGyver-like skill to fix it on my room door a few hours ago.

Now, I'm a lil' safer, although the sensor is yet to be fitted!!!

But, there's something else... (am not going to mention it now when the clock will strike 3)

Moving into my new house from the apartment I rented for the past 2 years may not be the greener pasture I have been dreaming of. It's my own house, though.

Brave through everything I will by the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.


rohaniah noor said...


utk gangguan fizikal manusia tu, mmg kita kena pasang alat keselamatan la. bahaya. takper la spend duit sket pun asalkan trespass to person and property terjaga. aku pun baru sign up dgn armour security utk pasang burglar alarm system kat rumah flat aku tu. centralised monitoring dr opis diorg. tp diorg lum pasang lg ni. amik masa plg lama 2 minggu lepas sign up utk kontraktor dtg pasang.
tp utk gangguan yg remote sensor tak detect ni, nauzubillah...
cuba buat baca yasin ramai2 la ghiya

Mommy dearie said...

Salam Ghiya..
Guess who hops by your blog! Still not sure which one are you...Manja?? I just asked Teh. Please pardon my memory.. dah tua. Hop over my blog if u wanna know me more...
For your new home, baca surah Al-Baqarah for 40 days at least. InsyaAllah.
PS: It's ok if u tak nak publish this comment. Just hop in to say hi!